Face masks are my second favorite skincare product after serums. Although they’re such a Sunday thing, my skin can’t be left unattended (it’s high maintenance), so I try to do a few masks a week to target different skin conditions. Face Masks deliver instant results. Today I am going to share my top three clarifying & detoxifying masks for spotty skin days. Whenever my skin gets a little congested or spotty, these are the ones I reach for and they seem to work for me.


The first of my favorites is – GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment ($69, which will cost you at least  six lunches. Having said that, it’s also a very potent skin clearing treatment and really really works on the skin. I use it mostly as a spot treatment, more than as a face-mask (its pricey!). Sometimes, I leave it on overnight (just on spots) for the really stubborn under the skin nasties, and surprisingly Glamglow brings the gunk to the surface for me to squeeze it out (oh, so much pleasure!). We all know it’s wise to not pick on zits, but I have become an expert on which ones are ready to be squeezed, and which ones need to be waited on,  and this process seems to be working fine for me (PS: it can scar the skin – you shouldn’t do it too often). The mud mask is slightly cooling with a bit of tingle, dries very quickly, and works really well on blackheads and/or congested areas. Although I hate the fact that it comes in a hefty – $$ – fancy box packaging for a small 1.2 oz jar, I  bloody love this face mask! My skin feels clearer and radiant after every use.


ORIGINS Clear Improvement ($25) is a charcoal mask that is designed to clear pores. I have repurchased this mask multiple times, and always have it on hand since it’s not too expensive, no fuss, and is a does-the-job-well kinda mask! It gives the complexion a much needed detox, when in need. This is a staple in my facial routines to help clear clogged pores or fix excessive oily-skin-days leaving the skin refreshed and smooth. I can’t recommend it enough – it will save your skin and your pocket!


The next 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask from SANCTUARY is special to me since it was sent all the way from across the pond – UK – by THE lovely Jigna Lathia in a ‘box-swap’, who BTW also has a similar skincare&beauty BUG! She has a lovely blog that I really enjoy reading. This product is a warming charcoal treatment that literally warms your skin the second you apply it, which freaked me out the first time, but at the same time makes you feels that it’s drawing the toxins out of the skin. I leave it on for 15 mins (directions suggests rinsing after 5) and it really worked on my clogged pores, leaving the face deep cleansed. I could not locate it in the US (what a bummer!) but it is easily available in UK.

I try to use these detoxifying and clarifying masks at least twice a week to maintain a healthy skin.  And as a quick FYI, my skin is combination type, and extremely blemish prone. I almost always follow up with a hydrating mask as these grey gooey mud/charcoal face-masks can be dehydrating, and can result in more breakouts.

These masks on rotation in conjunction with my skin care routine has really helped decongest my skin letting it breathe – I love this stuff!. These products have definitely found a place in my skincare regime.

I would love to know how you DETOX?

Sharing Is Caring! xo.



DIY Yogurt & Honey Mask

Who doesn’t love a good old traditional face mask. Face masks are my favorite skincare routines; I try to do a few every week. Today, I am going to focus on a simple and ultra-soothing DIY ‘Yogurt & Honey’ face-mask. I generally reach for store-bought fancy masks more than the DIYs mainly because (I’m lazy) its quicker, but I do try and treat myself to this particular mask every once in a while. When done regularly, it can assure brightening and hydrated happy skin.

The first ingredient, yogurt – the creamy white wonder – has many beneficial skin properties. Its rich in Zinc, which is anti-inflammatory and helps reduce the redness/swelling on the face caused by acne or skin reactions. Zinc also helps regulate oil production in the sebaceous gland, thereby preventing skin from becoming too oily and reducing frequent breakouts. Another key ingredient in yogurt is lactic acid, which (my skin loves) is used in many skincare products that helps exfoliate, moisturize and smoothen rough skin. Yogurt is also jam-packed with calcium, which has great anti-oxidant power being a derivative of milk. All in all, yogurt is an elixir for the skin. Our second ingredient, honey, especially raw or unpasteurized, is a fabulously versatile and all-natural ingredient to use on skin. Being naturally antibacterial, it is great for acne treatment and prevention. It is also extremely moisturizing, full of antioxidants, and soothing to the skin.

DIY Yogurt & Honey Mask

To make this mask, mix one table-spoon of yogurt (I make mine at home from organic milk [yes, I do!], you can use any store-bought) with one table-spoon of raw organic honey. I massage the face with this liquefied paste of yogurt and honey for about a minute or two (warning: it drips a lil which is the only annoying part), and then rinse it off after about 20 – 30 minutes. This leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and radiant. Back home in India, this mask was used by my mother and my sister as a pick me up on special occasions. I guess that’s where I learned about this wonder mask!

Another time I definitely use this mask is when I bleach my facial hair (TMI, I know), which I do once in a couple of months. Doing so, sometimes makes my skin angry leaving it red and bumpy. This DIY mask ALWAYS calms and soothes my skin and brings it back to a normal human face! I use this mask as an anti dote if I happen to over exfoliate my skin and it is also great for after at-home peel sessions. Ditto for sun-burn care! It really works miraculously on the skin.

As you can tell, I swear by this mask! And if you do try it, I can guarantee 100% you would do it again.

Do you have any DIY facial mask or tips that you swear by? I would love to hear from you all…